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Wireless home automation managment system

Technology series is a home device based on the Z-Wave wireless protocol. Connecting all devices into one remote controlled network is possible due to Z-Wave mesh topology.


When connecting with a home gateway, each device also plays a role of repeater to other devices data streams. Thanks to this, it is possible to achieve a wide signal range. This way you can connect up to 232 devices in one network.

Comfort does not require an intrusion into your building’s mains and structure. Moreover, you can adapt the system to the individual expectations of each household member and modify these adaptations during the whole device usage.


Imagine how much you can control


Right now, across the whole world, there are over 250 companies involved in the production of Z-Wave devices, and there are over 1000 different products on the market. In fact, this number is still growing.


With your laptop and smartphone it is always possible to monitor all your home devices, no matter where you are!

Modern home devices allow you to manage your home simply and intuitively, raising your home budget savings. Check your device status, control its consumption and enjoy a comfy way of life.

Get creative

With it is also possible to create a scene of your own automatic home equipment, integrating your light source, heating as well as roller shutters. Now your new intelligent home helps you to provide security to all your loved ones.

Why is a brand founded on the basis of our experience in the production of automatics for roller shutters. Thanks to this, we can present you with a range of our innovative products, such as:

  • Tubular motors for sun shades
  • Radio controllers
  • Radio remote controllers for light management
  • Radio remote controllers for gates amd shutter management
  • Gateway controllers, which integrate system

Stylish and functional products characterise themselves as an elegant, timeless design combined with intuitive functionality and easy set-up. With our devices, you can automate your whole house with infinite number of possible interactions.
Our discrete light sensor will turn your garden lights on and take care of optimal sunblind position. Thanks to door/window sensors you can now check whether a window is opened or closed and if the kids closed the gate. The flood sensor will close your water valve in case of a washing machine malfunction. When it comes to accidental smoke in your home, the smoke controller is on its place. Always, in case of an emergency our gateway will send a text message to your phone. The choice is simple.

Freedom of choice

Making up your mind about equipping your home with devices, you achieve access to a still growing Z-Wave environment. For the time being, there are over 1000 devices which work together using this technology. Consequently, you are able to build and develop your home security and automatic systems not being limited just to one supplier.


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